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What Melodies is - the saga

What is up with this Swedish fascination about bringing great music experiences into the world? Why are the Swedes so keen on finding new wonderful technical solutions so the world can enjoy more and more music so easily? Why are they so weirdly fascinated by bringing people together through music? (And can they please stop winning the Eurovision so often?)

Some say our government put some mysterious music-elixir in the tap water we drink. Some say it is because generations were forced to play the recorder (blockflöjt) in school. Some say that the Vikings sang in harmonies to confuse their enemies. Some say music comes as natural as skinny dipping does for us Swedes. Many explanations but the fact is: We like music, a lot. It is as simple as that.

You can now be a part of the Melodies family. A family that loves, loves, loves music. In all shapes and forms. The last decades have brought so much excitement to the music world, to be able to quickly (and rather affordably) access the music of the universe is nothing short of a wonderful revolution. We at Melodies are happy to be a part of that. To have the possibility to get the essence of humanity’s greatest cultural achievements into our phones, tv’s, speakers, headphones and cars is nothing but a wonder.  

However, we Swedes never stop, lay back and say: "That is it, it is what it is, we have won the Eurovision enough times." No, we always want to see if we can make things even better, and that is why we created Melodies.

Opening any of the traditional music streaming apps can be rather bewildering. “Now I have access to all this music, what now? Where to start, what to listen to? Oh, they have an artificial intelligently made playlist for me, doesn’t really hit the target. Or shall I just listen to my good old albums I know, or shall I browse around for some time? Then I need to type, oh I seem to have misspelled the song title and can’t find it. And now I have spent a third of the time I use on the app not actually listening to music.” And sigh. Your time is too precious for this.

Your favourite restaurant, shop, museum, hotel etc. has one thing in common. A group of people have come together to create something great for you to enjoy and experience. Input from people with know-how, skill, fantasy and aesthetics, want you to feel good. For you to feel you. They say, we see you and we like who we see.

So that is why we offer you a never-before-seen functionality and user experience in a music streaming service. All playlists are handpicked, no automated computerized random playlists. Melodies is a connoisseur, more like a special wine shop with an amazing selection of bottles, rather than a warehouse of all beverages in the world where you so easily can get lost and feel anonymous.

We do not claim that we already know what music you like (that would be quite scary) but we can promise that within just one to three clicks, you will find sounds that your ears will love. We aim to be your best DJ, the one who plays the right music for when you’re in love or when you really need a cry, want to run or relax on the sofa, or just want to dance all night long - you name it.

Melodies - the future of boutique music services.

How to use the Melodies app

Welcome to our wonderfully designed interface, easy access to great music at your fingertips!

The Melodies app is easier to understand than an instruction book from the big Swedish furniture retailer, so here we go:


Our super curators - we like these people so much, so we decided that they should have their own playlists. This is the place where you will meet our outstanding mixologists who will give you their best picks. You are presented with your most recent channel history and you will find more of your musical friends under the tab 'Channels' at the bottom navigation.


Based on what you have listened to (and thus like!) we would like to suggest these great playlists for your easy access.


This is the place where you find your most recent and popular tunes. It is nice to be home.

The Player:

What you are currently listening to, and with a gentle press or swipe upwards you will get to see a larger artist picture and how long you have until the song unfortunately is over and the next will start.

  • Home - brings you to the starting page and base camp for your listening journey.
  • Activity - a plethora of playlists for your moments and activities.
  • Mood - easily creates the atmosphere you want for your different mindsets.
  • Genre - take your pick of any genre and discover a world of music.
  • Era - fill your ears with music from now to then, music history at your fingertips.
  • Channels - our super curators share their favourite tunes with you.

How to play Melodies through your speakers, headphones, tv, car, sound system…

Let the music play! Go to your settings on your device and connect via Bluetooth. Play Melodies on Bluetooth-supported devices such as speakers, heaPlay Melodies on Bluetooth-supported devices such as speakers, headphones and even your car.

To play Melodies on Bluetooth, you need:
The Melodies app on a device that supports Bluetooth.

How to use Bluetooth:
Note: It is best to close Melodies while establishing a Bluetooth connection.

  1. Switch Bluetooth on for both the devices.
  2. Pair the devices in their Bluetooth settings.
  3. Open the Melodies app and play.

Do I need any other music service to use the Melodies app?

No, the Melodies app is a complete music service and not an add on or plug in to any other music streaming service. Melodies is the complete package for you to get to wonderful music in just a click.

The Melodies ethic

Melodies is created by musicians and music lovers who are dedicated to spread good music and culture across the world. We can create the best app in the world and brag about that BUT without the music creators we are absolutely nothing. The thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to write, sing, perform, play and produce music for us to enjoy are our real heroes and as heroes they should be rewarded.

Melodies commit to all international laws and practices to make it possible for creators to create and listeners to listen. The agreements we have with global and local royalty rights organisations make sure that the royalty rights holders are recompensed according to industry standards.

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